Polymount International B.V.

Polymount International BV is a global operating production and trading company, introducing innovative money saving products to the Flexographic Industry. Our products include the award winning Twinlock sleeve, a self adhesive and compressible sleeve that enables the mounting of printing plates without the use of double-sided adhesive tapes. The Twinlock sleeve is known to be able to increase press speed. Fast recovering open cell PU foam and extremely tight tolerances make it possible to print well over 600 mtrs/2000ft  per minute. Polymount also manufactures the best selling plate cleaner in the World. Together with the plate cleaning machine we have a full program of cleaning liquids.


Melkrijder 6
3861 SG Nijkerk


Telefoon Nummer: +31 33 299 62 70
Email: info@polymount-int.nl